Crossing Lines

Like always when it comes to winter… there is sod all on the TV. And as hubby had a bust up with Sky… we are down to FreeView, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV.

Me… I love cop dramas. Especially American ones. Anyway whilst watching old Law and Order episodes on 5 USA advertised was the Crossing Lines series.

So when we couldn’t find anything to watch one night… I mentioned to him about this series.. normally we watch a couple of episodes and that is it. But we both liked this one… well there is a surprise so over the last couple of weeks we’ve been binge watching.


It is about a group of investigators attached to the International Criminal Court who investigate crimes that cross borders. Mainly based in Europe, yet have ventured to the USA to track down a man from a circus who shot one of the characters when a New York cop.

Season 1

Season 1 starts of with this crack them being formed. Michel Dorn (Donald Sutherland) creates this team headed by French Detective Louis Daniel (Marc Lavoine). His team consists of a computer expert called Sebastian, Sienna, Ann-Marie, Carl Hickman (who was shot by the circus owner in the hand and retired from the NYPD), Eva and Tommy (an Irish Traveller who against his family ideals became a Detective in the Northern Ireland Police Service). Tommy is partnered with Sienna who sadly died in the final episode of season 1. Throughout the series they solve cases.. and put the world to right. Detective Louis Daniel fights his own personal battles, since he has become estranged from his wife over the death of their son, who was killed in a bomb explosion at their home.

Ann-Marie who is partnered with Hickman, has her own escapades, during the series becomes a hostage to a serial killer… she is dressed in a red dress and told to run so that the serial killer can chase her and stab her. She remembers what Hickman says about the profile and refuses to run… and to show fear. The team arrive just in time to save her and kill the serial killer. In the final two episodes of the series Ann-Marie is investigating a port-based trafficking ring in France and as she is escorting victims to the police station she is involved in a car crash. A body of an unidentified woman lays in the morgue who through piecing the facts together find out to the that of Ann-Marie.

Season 2

This team has bonded together and Tommy became very protective over the team. Since the demise of Sienna Tommy was partnered with Eva and oh boy did the chemistry show. (Perhaps because in real life they became a couple and married in 2016 and had a child together).

A new member to the team Arabella Seegar joins. And Tommy becomes very protective of Eva and the team since the death of Ann-Marie. In fact Tommy’s loyalties and the teams loyalties are shown when Sebastian has a gambling problem and is put under investigation by Dorn. Sebastian hacks a police database (Series 1) and Eva tells her ex partner to check their firewalls. However, her ex partner is out for revenge, thinking that Sebastian and Eva are an item. And they hack Sebastian’s computer and released details of Sebastian’s gambling addiction and hacking skills to the press, which results in the investigation by Dorn and suspended from the team.


During a case Louis decides to take Sebastian to investigate the mysteries suicides of four teenagers. The debt is paid but as he won’t reveal who paid his debt, it is assumed that he received the money illegally. Hickman, Tommy and Eva tell Louis that they paid the money for Sebastian’s debt. But Louis knows that this is untrue as he is the one in fact that cleared Sebastian’s debt and the investigation is closed. Sebastian also finds out he has a child by his ex-partner, a son called Erik.

Hickman during the final episode is in the offices of ICC when Tommy’s brother’s wife turns up and asks for Tommy’s help. Hickman tells her to leave Tommy alone. She then reveals that during the episode where Hickman was held hostage in a bank that the sharp-shooter that Tommy said he didn’t have a lock on was in fact his brother… nicknamed the Tiger.

Hickman plans to confront Tommy about this just prior to Tommy being shot.


The final episode ends, with different things happening. A jewellery shop heist is being investigated and Eva has taken personal time, to search out a person who resembles her deceased father. Tommy and Arabella are working the case when Tommy receives a call from Eva asking him to go to Italy as she has a meeting with someone who can shed light on her father. He tells her that is he on a case and will be there when he is free, it is during this call that Tommy is shot. Arabella raises the alarm and Tommy is rushed to hospital. Hickman is on to the psychiatrist who helped one of the robbers who escaped from prison and is behind these heists. While in hospital and Tommy is in a coma that Louis reveals that he regards Tommy as his own son. Tommy wakes up and discharges himself from hospital to work on the case and catches the robbers.


Hickman calls at the chateau of the psychiatrist who he suspects of being involved and confronts her. Just as he was about to arrest her… she pulls a gun on Hickman and Louis is coming to the open door when she shoots Louis fatally and he dies in Hickman’s arms. Meanwhile, Dorn is on track to find Eva as he fears for her safety. He arrives at the hotel where Eva was staying to be told by the clerk that she left 20 mins ago. Dorn proceeds to her room, and a look of shock appears on his face. He sits down on a chair with tears in his eyes.

Season two ends with the demise of Louis and possibly Eva…

Season 3 – First Episode

It starts with Dorn prosecuting a war criminal from the Congo… during the trial his second in chair unearths some evidence and gives it to Dorn… this evidence implicates a multiple of people as well as the truth behind the atrocities committed by the defendant, who eventually is found guilty. Dorn’s assistant is kidnapped once she hands the evidence over to Dorn during the trial.

However, what we do find out, is that Hickman returned to New York and the team was disbanded six months ago, and went home, according to Arabella. Sebastian was now sharing custody of Erik with ex-partner. Arabella stayed with the International Criminal Court.


A new team is formed by Dorn to help find his prosecutor, which brings back Sebastian as the computer expert. What happened to Eva we don’t know. As the only death they mention during the first episode is that of Louis.

Hickman, Tommy and Eva (if she is still alive) are not part of the new team..

My take on Season 3

Sorry guys.. the new team doesn’t gel with me after the first episode. Tommy bought a side to the team that you just loved. He was a traveller, turned Detective, who had a price on his head. We don’t know if Hickman confronted Tommy about his brother being ‘ the Tiger’, or what happened to Eva. There was chemistry between the partnership of Eva and Tommy, which I missed.


Hickman although not in charge is what held the team together. and his presence is missed.

The only two members from Series 2 are Sebastian and Arabella. I will give another couple of episodes an airing but I do hate series’ that end with loose ends. And by all accounts by reading online there are still questions unanswered when Series 3 ends and there is no Series 4.

The previous team each had their demons to contend with, Hickman through his injury being addicted to pain meds. Tommy having a price on his head from his father. Louis dealing with the death of his son and estranged wife. Eva with the death of her father, Sebastian with his gambling and finding out he is now a father. And I’m sorry to say, killing off Louis was a big mistake. Like Hickman he too held the team together. And one or possibly two of the team dying at the end of Season to me just ended like Season 1, with the death of Sienna.

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