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This week’s Five at Five Intro features Photographer is Sarah. Sarah’s About Page says:

Hi I’m Sarah, often known online as Toonsarah. People tend to assume that ‘toon’ has something to do with cartoons, but it’s not, so let’s deal with the name first. Although I’m a Londoner by birth, and have lived in that city almost all my life, my husband is from Newcastle upon Tyne in north east England, a city called the ‘toon’ (that is ‘town’) in the local Geordie dialect. I consider Newcastle something of a second home because of our numerous visits, and have become a keen supporter of the local football team, Newcastle United.

Five at Five Questions

  • When and how did you start on your photographic journey?

I wrote about my photography journey a while back for the Lens Artists Challenge. Here are some extracts (you can read the full post here:

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