RDP – Distinction

Puppy Lockdown Love

There is a clear distinction between long term commitment and something to beat the boredom during a lockdown….

Today I was reading an article in Sun about the increase in puppies being bought due to the Covid Lockdown.

Over the last three months the Kennel Club has seen a 180% rise in when it comes to people enquiring about owning a dog.

Please a dog is for life not just for Lockdown!

I fully understand wanting a dog.. my god, I’ve had dogs all of my life and I couldn’t image not having a four legged friend running around the house. But they are a huge commitment. And they are costly, especially when it comes to vet’s bills if you don’t have your animal insured.

How could you not fall in love with that cute face? All puppies have those puppy eyes, and wet noses and cute ways. But they grow into large dogs that need exercise, attention and commitment.

There is a clear distinction between what you imagine owning a dog is like and what you face in reality. Those cute puppy days, will soon be over. And the lockdown will end.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When Covid finally is beaten and life returns to normal… that cute little Siberian husky pup is now a 60 pound fully grown dog, who needs constant exercise and a lot of care and commitment. Time you might no longer have.

People should realise that once you own a dog, you can’t go out from morning to night and leave your dog indoors. It is unfair as they need to pee and poop. And they get very stressed it they mess indoors knowing that they shouldn’t be using the inside of your house as a toilet. They can suffer from anxiety separation.

They get bored. Even leaving a dog with toys can still result in destruction where your dog is facing separation anxiety and boredom. Especially if you have a very intelligent dog who needs a lot of stimulation and exercise.

You can’t, on a whim. take that weekend away without your dog without arranging dog care… And dog care costs money, especially if there are no friends and family who can look after your dog. And even if a neighbour offers to pop in and let the dog out… it is not fair on the dog to be shut up for long periods of time.

And like the article in the Sun states many breeders are worried that when Covid is over and people return to normal, many of those puppies will be sent to shelter homes because people no longer have the time and commitment to keep a dog.

Most breeders are very cautious about who they sell their puppies too. They don’t want their puppies going to homes where they know there is a chance the dog could end up in a shelter homes. However, there are some breeders who are in it for the money and the money alone. They breed dogs as a source of income and have no concern about the dog’s future welfare.

So think long and hard before rushing out and buying a puppy. A dog is for life… not for Lockdown and Christmas.

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