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This week’s Five at Five Intro features Photographer Ken of Kj4ta. Ken’s About Page says:

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ken and I’m a photography hobbyist in south Florida where I take most of the pics of things that interest me. If you like what you see, let me know. Or perhaps you have a comment or a suggestion, then don’t hesitate to reach out.

Five at Five Questions

  • When and how did you start on your photographic journey?

My journey started in the early 90s when I purchased a Minolta 9xi after just borrowing my brother’s Nikon FA. Thousands of print images and years later I entered the digital darkroom in 2013 and bought a Nikon D7100.

  • What subject do you like photographing the most?

Probably macro, though birding is just as rewarding while sharing some of macro’s “opposite” challenges.

  • Have you been influenced by other photographers…

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