FOWC with Fandango – Look

Sitting here the other day, talking to a friend and we were saying how times have changed… especially with discipline.

Back in our day, a swift clip around the ear did more good than harm. And the local Bobby would frog-march you home by your ear and tell your parents what you did. And you were in for it. Parents always took the side of the law back then.

They knew he wouldn’t march you home without a valid reason.

Nowadays, discipline seems to have gone out of the window. Youths are no longer frightened of the Police and getting caught by the law gives you street-cred.


Back then when you were out…with mum and you played up or didn’t keep quiet, when told too, whilst she was talking to someone… YOU GOT THE LOOK!

You know ‘The Look’.

The one that meant there was hell to play when you got home.

As I’ve got older at times, I reflect on how I am getting like my mum in my ways… and then I realise… that I too, gave ‘The Look’ to my son when he was growing up… Looking back, I was turning into my mother back then.

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