FOWC with Fandango — Disagreement

My God is there one going on in this house… Well, it started off by us going to B &Q and I was looking at the kitchens… I’ve seen some before I like but this particular type really struck my eye.

In the distant future, we are planning to move to another house, and we know the house would probably need a new kitchen.

At the moment our kitchen is white high gloss and one mark and you can see it a mile. Any my lot use their sticky hands to shut the cupboards.

Anyway, back to B & Q, when I saw kitchen, with dark grey matt bottom cupboards and white matt top wall cupboards. Similar to the picture above.

I said, ‘I like this.’

He replied, ‘No Way are you having anything like that.’


How dare he? I’m the chief cook and bottle washer…

Now I am on a mission to solve this disagreement.

I have three options…

I am only left with Option 1 and 2 really, cos he’ll just cook for himself 😀 😀 😀

My mean side is saying…. DUCK-TAPE!!!!!!!! I will win this disagreement… I am on a mission…

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