Likes or Comments?

Today, through another reader, I found another writing challenge… called ‘Sunday Poser‘. It is run by a lady called Sadje and I thought I would give this week’s Poser Question a whirl.

I’m not too sure to be honest, what I prefer. I don’t think I have a preference, because each like or comment gives you the encouragement to continue writing.

But one thing I do know… starting off a new blog is hard-work. Trying to get noticed and get followers… it can feel quite lonesome when you create a new blog and nobody visits.

But blogging shouldn’t be like that surely? One thing I know is that to get interaction with your blog you need to be interactive. Liking posts is one way… but a comment of appreciation or even to disagree with you, means the reader has read all of your post and have taken time out to respond. Even with the like they’ve stopped for that one moment in time to show you and your blog appreciation.

Just remember…. it is your little space and as long as you like what you’ve written that is all that counts… if getting your thoughts down into a blog post, helps you mentally then that is all that counts.

One thing I have found with WordPress blogs… You get far more likes on your photographs, than comments.

So, the answer to Sadje’s Poser post, likes and comments are equally important in their own way. And to stop by and like or comment on a fellow bloggers post might be the like or comment that makes their day.

Happy Blogging

Posted as Part of Sadje’s Sunday Poser #95.

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