Fandango’s Provocative Question #179

Fandango’s Provocative Question #179

Have you been on a vacation/holiday in the past three months? If so, did you take any precautions against contracting COVID? If you haven’t been on a vacation/holiday in the most recent three months, when was your last vacation/holiday? If you’re planning to go on vacation/holiday within the next six or so months, will you be taking any steps to reduce the risk of getting COVID?

In early July we went on holiday to Kilcot and travelled the surrounding areas. Do you know what? Not once did I think about COVID. What with so many other things going on today, COVID seems to have faded into the distance. We are more concerned about:

At first, COVID had us all prepared for the worst. Petrified to go near people just in case. Our faces were hidden from view by pesky masks, (which I hated). But we did it? We followed the rules, suffered isolation sickness caused by lack of contact with fellow people.

Then we got the vaccine. We had our two initial vaccines and a booster. But have now drawn the line in the sand, we are not going to be jabbed yet again.

The only good thing that came out of all this isolation in our house, was the decorating. Being furloughed for a few weeks, got him painting. Mind you, trying to buy paint, whilst wearing a mask, and steamed up glasses, whilst trying to keep 2 metres apart, was a mission within itself.

I was in Tesco’s once, all masked up, and I got to thinking about masks. You put them on, you take them off, stuff them in your pocket, re-use them time and time again, without thinking COVID could be on them without you even realising.

Surely the correct procedure would have been to put your mask on, and if you take it off… bin it. But alas no. We, all went to amazon and bought masks, in various material patterns and they were stuffed everywhere and anywhere… In car door pockets, bottom of your handbag, even we had some sitting on the kitchen side.

Besides, the winter of 2022 is going to be bleak for the vast majority of people, what with the rising Cost of Living, affecting each and every one of us. People are more worried about their future poverty than catching COVID. I know we are!

Sorry COVID, you’re still on the back burner in this house! Anyway, this year, we’ll all probably die of malnutrition or hypothermia. 😀 😀 . And I bet the government won’t be saying ‘Next Slide’ this time around. No, those figures will be hushed up and brushed under the carpet of Number 10. Because politicians today are too busy worrying about being woke and lining their own pockets, then dealing with the crisis we, the people, are facing.

When the Chancellor, says, that those on £45000 a year will be needing help and will be suffering from the impending cost of living rises, especially with gas and electricity prices; it looks very bleak for those people not earning nowhere near that kind of money.

Sorry COVID get in line and wait your turn… we might get back to you in a couple of years… that’s if we haven’t frozen to death in the meantime.

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