I pledge allegiance….

I pledge allegiance
Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you

365 days of writing prompts – August 31st

I know it’s a very old challenge and the PDF dates it back to 2013, but I thought I would give it a whirl.

Patriotic you ask?

Yes, I am, I pledge my allegiance to our Queen and Country. I am a true royalist… give me a wedding, a pomp and pageantry even I will be glued to the TV watching.

Just like this, at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in London on Sunday the 5th May 2022.

I enjoyed the concert, which took place outside Buckingham Palace the night before. Starting off with the Queen taking tea with Paddington Bear.

The Queen on the balcony and above all the pageant that took place on Sunday afternoon, celebrating our Majesty’s 70-year reign and the changing of the times.

On Facebook, a cartoon sketch appeared and it was just stunning… it captured the full sentiment of what the Jubilee was all about, one nation, one monarch and her people enjoying her reign.

Our beautiful Queen has seen tragedy, in her family, and suffered great loss when her mother and sister passed away and the death of Diana. She has seen her family split apart through divorce. And now when she should be taking things easy, she is having to endure the heartache of Harry and Meghan continuously trying to destroy the establishment, that she worked so hard to protect.

Today it saddened me, to hear on the news, that her mobility is so bad, she won’t be returning to Buckingham Palace, to accept Boris Johnson’s resignation and the new PM, being asked to formally form a government for her. Instead, the handing over of Premiership will be carried out at Balmoral.

Our Queen is iconic, she is what Britain is all about. Pomp and pageantry. She is what holds 4 nations together. And the world will not be the same when she is no longer at the helm. God Bless our Queen.

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