How are you feeling right now?

Wary and uncertain

That is how I’m feeling at the moment.

Wary of who will become PM next Monday. All I think to myself is this, both Truss and Sunak were in Boris’s cabinet. Both of them knew about the sleaze and #partygate and did nothing.

And I wonder how the hell can Sunak put himself forward to be PM, when he got a FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) himself for partygate? He said he wouldn’t have attended if he had known it was a party. But he must have been there long enough to warrant the police to issue him with an FPN. So that means he didn’t walk out immediately.

Truss has sat there in the cabinet briefings and never spoken out publicly about all the shenanigans happening in number 10 under the leadership of Boris Johnson. She kept schtum.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t trust either of them. And I don’t trust Labour either.

I am wary of each of their promises, and I am uncertain that they have the fight or way forward for dealing with this Cost of Living crisis that is facing every working-class family plus those on minimum wage or benefits.

It is a sad fact that the rise in prices, is starting to affect everyone now. Even our household is cutting back. No meals out, not travelling too far in the car, cutting back on little luxuries like weekend’s away, in hope of saving a little cash to pay these energy bill hikes that our coming our way in October and early next year.

But every week, the money we try to save is being eaten up with the hike in food prices that are happening daily. What you paid in Tesco last week for an item, in all honesty will probably be dearer next week.

I don’t know how the next PM will tackle this, but one thing I do know… we can’t keep funding the war in Ukraine. The vast sums of money in weapons and aid, is crippling this country with Zelensky demanding more and more with every media appearance. I don’t know whether the aid being given are loans or gifts.

But one thing I do know… what we borrowed from the Americans back in WWII, we had to pay back with our final payment made in December 2016, 61 years after the war finished.

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