An interview with me

Interview someone — a friend, another blogger, your mother, the mailman — and write a post based on their responses.

The challenge said someone? So, to think out of the box I thought I would interview me. So today, I am both, the questioner and the interviewee, so here are the fives questions I’m going to ask myself.

My God, that is a hard question. What would I change? I don’t think I would change anything. Because to change one thing, in my life would have sent me on a different path. And that path might never lead me to where I am today. With a loving husband and son. Changing one event is to change history.

My parents, just for an hour would suffice. Then I would have the chance to tell them all the things I never got to say. Tell them how much I missed them and thank them for everything they did for me. But if I couldn’t have both parents back, and I had the choose, it would be my dad. My dad and I were so close and still today after over 34 years, I miss him more each day.

Oh, it would be a car I owned in the 90’s, my Ford Sierra. How I loved that car. Betsie as she was called, was my husband’s car at first and then when he bought another, he gave me the Sierra. That’s when I could her Betsie. I don’t know why I loved that car but she was a pleasure to drive. Mind you she was a bit noisy when the sun-roof was open. 😀 😀 😀

Oh, that is so easy to answer, I would travel back to San Francisco and then work my way from west to east. I would spend 3 days in each place. Starting in San Francisco, My travels, as I travel from state to state, would have to include visits to Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, The Rocky Mountains, Mount Rushmore, drive on Route 66, Chicago, Washington, Niagra Falls, before ending up in New York.

I wouldn’t want the top job of Prime Minister at all. But Home Secretary, springs to mind. The Police would Police and not appease. I would employ the three-strikes rule. I would sort the illegal immigration system out, by saying simply if you have no papers or documentation, then you will housed on an offshore ship and will not be granted asylum at all, with only your basic needs met, until you are deported. The choice is yours then, you either apply with papers or stay on that ship. So, until you provide us with details of who you are, where you came from, so we could deport you back, your freedoms will be removed. There would be no luxuries, and definitely no freebies. One simple rule that applies to all, No Papers, No Asylum. You will not be stepping on British soil.

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