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To and fro..

When they retired, Jack and Jill, decided to move to a more rural area. As far as they could remember their whole lives had been lived in large cities. After viewing many houses, they found the perfect one. Hoping that the survey didn’t bring a dampener on the future move, they planned how to make their own stamp on their new home.

It wasn’t long before they took hold of the keys, and started their new life in their new home. Ready to deploy the builders to do the structural changes they wanted, they watched their home turn into the dream home they dreamt of.

Being in a village was their perfect heaven, it was quiet, had clean air and was friendly. At first they thought it strange when they stepped out and every person they passed said, ‘Good Morning or Afternoon.’ With both of them being the friendly type it wasn’t long before they settled in nicely, and made friends with the local villagers.

However, the only disadvantage was the nearest B & Q DIY store was over 20 miles away. They didn’t mind that, cos Jill made a list of what they wanted and checked it off, before heading home. Jack used to laugh at Jill and her lists… ‘You’re always making lists, old gal!’ he would joke.

One of the first things they had to buy was a lawnmower. Living in an house with a postcard garden, they only ever needed their mini-flymo. And no way was that going manage their new 160ft garden. So they purchased an expensive large electric mower after reading a review in a newspaper article about the bestest lawnmowers.

It was perfect for them and their garden, however with spring approaching Jack said he’ll have to get a new blade before he starts cutting the grass again.

That weekend they were spending quality time looking after the grandchildren. They didn’t get to see them that often, so it was nice to have them for a few days. And then the children asked to play in the garden.

Jack, said to Jill, ‘Do we need anything else, I’ll take a drive to B & Q and get that blade, as our local hardware store don’t stock that make.’ ‘OK’, she said ‘You do know what size you need don’t you? Do you think you should write it down, you know what your memory is like?’ ‘Of course, I know what blade I need. I’m not senile you know, I’ve just checked.’, Jack snapped back. Jill stayed schtum and waved him off.

It was an hour and a half before Jack returned, ‘God’, he said ‘That traffic was murder.’ as headed out to the garage to change the blade.

Jill was making him a quick cuppa before he started to cut the grass, when all of a sudden Jack burst through the kitchen door, cursing and cussing. You see Jack had bought the right make, but the wrong size. He needed a 38cm blade, not a 35cm, which he had bought.

‘Ok, I’ll write it down.’ he said as headed back to B & Q to change it. Notwithstanding, the events of day, he still wasn’t prepared to use Jill’s method!

Just as Jack was leaving B & Q to head home, this time with the right blade, the weather changed and it started to rain heavily… Jack got soaked walking to the car… Thinking, you can always count on Britain and its capricious weather

As he drove home it rained heavier with each passing mile. Jack hurriedly ran indoors soaked to the skin and looked at Jill and said.

‘Don’t you dare say a word.’

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