Why do you blog?

One thing I miss, that WordPress used to do, is their writing and photography blog prompts.

Anyway, just by chance the other day, whilst accidentally whilst answering comments, I accidentally clicked on Powered by Jetpack’, which was at the bottom of the screen.

It took me to Google Play to download ‘Jetpack’. So, I thought to myself, I’ll give it a go, and lo and behold when I signed in guess what was there? Yes, a Daily Prompt.

So that gave me my first initiative to start writing. I’ve always blogged a little, some factual posts, but no blog I started seemed to please me, so I would create another blog, and try again and again.

Oh boy, you should see my WordPress dashboard of hidden, private blogs 😀 😀 😀

After many failed attempts, I thought I would try yet again and this led to the Bacardi Girl Blog, being made. There had been some posts I have written on previous blogs that I did like, so I just imported them into this blog.

So why do I blog?

I love interaction, I love being creative. But when I created this blog, I made one rule to myself. Yes, write about you, and what matters to you BUT keep the vast majority of blog posts, fictitious. I don’t like reading books much, but I love to read blog posts and short-stories, via the reader.

So, one side of my creativity is with my photography blog and the other side is thinking up short-story posts. And I’m loving it. I’ve found quite a few writing prompts, that offer a word to include and your post, so I try to write a story, that will incorporate those words.

To me, it doesn’t matter whether I have one follower or thousands, I just love being creative, in both my photography and writing.

So, I suppose, the main reason I blog, is for me.

11 responses to “Blogging”

  1. I had no idea that existed! Or maybe I just assumed it wasn’t free. 😀 I mainly blog for myself too. It feels nice when people like my stories and follow me, but I’m totally at peace when I’m creating, and that’s so important.

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