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You’re wearing my T-shirt…

It’s been 3 months, since Kitty came into her and Tib’s life. Three months of happiness. And it all started with Tib’s falling in love with Kitty.

Kitty was now back to the weight she should be, and her and Tibs were inseparable. Yes, they had their moments, but one thing Kitty did do for Tibs, was make him more sociable. Since the day Daniel arrived with this little Kitten and Sue adopted it, Tibs no longer hid from guests and stopped his lurking behind the sofa. In fact, his shyness completely vanished.

If she had to define a time of the happiest of moments in her life. The last 3 months had made her the happiest in her whole life. She even got a promotion at work, and changed from being a PA to Assistant Advertising Manager, with more money.

But it wasn’t just the job promotion, it was Daniel. From that very first dinner date, Sue knew she wanted Daniel in her life. Even if it meant being him being just a friend. Daniel, made her feel at ease, he gave her confidence to pursue her creativeness. Way back from when she was a child, she had this creative flair about her. Give her pen and paper and she would draw and draw and make up poems or jingles for her drawings.

And Daniel was the godliest of people she has ever known. He was attentive, charming, funny, caring… and she would often wonder why she never saw this when they were at university. They just gelled together. With each of them having a satirical side to their personalities, which Sue loved. She had finally found a person with her sense of humour.

At times, when on her own, Sue would worry that this would end. Sue knew in her heart that if Daniel asked her to marry him, she wouldn’t hesitate, and say, ‘YES’. Daniel had become part of the furniture as far as Kitty and Tibs was concerned. He was another lap to sit on.

Before they even knew it, Daniel was spending more time at Sue’s than his own place… Which Tibs and Kitty loved.

On this particular Saturday morning, they were lying in bed talking about taking a holiday together, and doing something that they both wanted to do, and that was to swim with turtles when the doorbell went.

Sue grabbed the first piece of clothing and put it on, thinking it was probably Jean from across the hall who’d run out of something yet again. 😀 😀 😀 Daniel laughed and said, ‘Hey lady, You’re wearing my t-shirt!

Sue quickly responded with a, ‘Sorry’., whilst jokingly sticking her tongue out at Daniel

To which he replied with a broad grin on his face, ‘No problems, it suits you better than me. keep it for emergencies. I bet we know who that is at the door. 😀 😀 😀 ‘

Sue laughed as she headed to answer the door. Still laughing and joking with Daniel, she opened the door, and was just about to remark to Jean about what does she want to borrow this time; when, there she stood, as bold as brass… Clare.

More to follow….

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