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This week’s Five at Five Intro features Photographer Paul Anderson. Paul says in his About Page of The Life in my years blog.

“Start somewhere… End somewhere else… Experience everything in between.”~ Kym Perfetto

My somewhere start?
Salt Lake City, Utah in October of 1953.

Everything in between?
The first most important of all the in-betweens came three years later when dad took a job at the San Francisco International Airport and the four of us; dad, mom, Nonna Maria (my maternal grandmother) and I, all became Californians. Why move? How should I know, I was only three and nobody asked for my opinion. And that’s okay – I like the Bay Area.

Five at Five Questions

  • When and how did you start on your photographic journey?

When I was a child, my parents gave me a Brownie Starmite. It was a little gray thing that took 127 film…

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