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This week’s Five at Five Intro features Writer Patti from Rough P.A. Moed blog. Patti says in her About Page of Rough Wighting blog.

This site is the creative home of P.A. (Patti) Moed, an award-winning writer and aspiring photographer. In this blog, she will share her ideas, photographs, and insights about the creative process. She will also provide resources for people who are on their own journey through the vast seas of creation and imagination.

Five at Five Questions – Writing

  • When and how did you start on your blogging journey?

I have been blogging for many years on different platforms, but I’ve been at WordPress the longest, starting in 2012. When Tina Schell, Amy Apien, Ann-Christine Paulsen and Igot together and started the Lens-Artists challenge, I was able to combine both writing and photography. For me, that’s a great combination.

  • What subject do you like writing the most?…

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