It’s Harry ….

When you turn to the subject of Harry
That’s a horse from a different safari
I can box like a fox, he’s dumb as an ox
But it’s Harry I’m planning to marry

From Calamity Jane…

All families have bust ups… and not all families get on. There is also one you don’t want to invite to your wedding, or for Christmas, cos you know there will be fireworks before the end of evening. And there are many families estranged from each other.

Yes, some have resorted to appear on Jeremy Kyle, Jeremy Springer with their grievances, but for the life of me I can’t understand why?

If you want to build bridges and want a relationship with your family, one thing you don’t do is throw them under the bus and then expect them to come running to you begging for forgiveness.

Sorry, Harry Windsor, life is not like that.

Your, book, your interviews promoting the book along with Oprah and your podcasts have done nothing but throw you family under the bus. You totally refuse to take account for your actions. Everything you did wrong, was someone else’s fault. Whether it be your father, even your mother, your brother and his wife and every other member of the Royal Family.

Yesterday in an article Tony Parsons called you the Duke of Diddum’s, he couldn’t hit the nail more squarely on the head.

As for your book, it is one-sided your side. Remember there are always two other sides to the story, the other persons and the truth.

Yes, write a book, write a book that will help people overcome their mental health issues, give people encouragement, but really, do we need to know about your frozen todger? No thanks Harry, that old todger does get you into some fine messes, doesn’t it?

But you weren’t just prepared to throw your own family under the bus, you threw your military comrades under that same bus. You have now provoked the Taliban with your number of kills. Something a military comrade never says to even his own family. That is kept deep in their mind, they don’t even tell their loved ones.

Harry, have you sat down and thought about the consequences of throwing your family and military family under the bus.

  1. You have painted a large target not just on your back, but also the back of your own wife and children. Along with other members of the Royal Family and every serving military person as well as veterans. What a coup for the Taliban to claim a member of your immediate family has been assassinated or is being held hostage. What about the hundreds of service personnel still on active duty? Did you really think it wasn’t going to make them more of a target? Did you really think 25 Taliban kills was going in get you sympathy? No, it’s got you nothing but condemnation not just from the military brass but your own military friends too. You broke the unspoken code of conduct. You and I both know there are cells of terrorists in this country, just waiting for the order… we saw that years ago with the brutal murder of Lee Rigby! But in true form Harry it will always be somebody else’s fault should something happen, won’t it?
  2. Have you thought how your children will feel when they are older and read this book. It’s not just your children who will be astounded by your words, it is also the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales’s children reading what you’ve written about their father and mother. That is plain right cruel.
  3. Have you sat down and thought this… Meghan estranged from her family, now you’re estranged from yours.. Have you thought who the common denominator is? Yes, your wife.
  4. Looking from the outside in at this shit-storm you and your wife have created, this book and these interviews make you look unstable, out for revenge, selfish, a petulant child who can’t get their own way.
  5. You’ve just laid the foundations for Meghan to divorce you. Oh by the way, where is Meghan? Why isn’t she beside you, showing her support for you, like you’ve shown your support for her? Answers on a post-card

As well as giving every comedian free material for a life-time.

Please Harry Shut Up and try and save a little dignity what you have left! And pray that nothing untoward happens to any member of your family or serving soldier.

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