So. you hear them shout…

Let’s get rid of the monarchy!!!!

You hear it daily don’t you from the Lefties and the Lovies and from people who weren’t born here. The Royal Family are colonisers, so they say! Well, I didn’t see much colonising from our late Queen Elizabeth the II who reigned for 70 years and pledge her allegiance to the people of Britain on her 21st Birthday.

A young woman, who was never destined to be Queen became our loyal sovereign. Her father, King George VI, was the spare Prince, who then became King because of his brother’s abdication. King Edward VIII abdication was simply because of Wallis Simpson, who was American and divorced and protocol forbidding them to marry and take her as his Queen.

This young woman, with her mother and father’s guidance became the woman who was loved by millions and worshipped by people she didn’t even know or had even met.

In 1952 upon the death of her father she was proclaimed Queen Elizabeth II. From that day of her 21st Speech until the 6th of September she carried on with her public duties, two days before her death. Now that is dedication, loyal, and serving the people like she promised. At 96 years old, she served us well. Thank You Your Majesty. You will never be forgotten.

We want the American System they shout! We need a President!

Well, I don’t like bursting their little lefty bubbles, but don’t we have the American way? No what they people want is this…. they don’t want the monarchy. But apart from having the Monarchy we do infact have the American way of governing.

President (elected every 4 years)Prime Minister (elected every 5 years)
United States Congress (elected every 4 years) House of Lords
House of Representatives (elected every 4 years)
House of Commons (elected every 5 years)

The Monarchy we have are descendants to the throne… they don’t make laws up or run the country. The most they do is hold a weekly audience with the Prime Minister and are classed as Her Majesty’s Government. They have no clout when it comes to politics. His Majesty daily will go through the despatch boxes for things for him to approve.

Shrinking the Economy!

Well, let us just say, which I truly hope it doesn’t, that we abolished the Monarchy, do you realise there were would a sharp decline in our economy? Have you thought of the towns and cities that are linked to our monarchy that get visited every day by us and tourists? These places wouldn’t hold no charm now, Buckingham Palace probably turned into a hostel for illegal immigrants. How wants to visit the illegals? I sure don’t.

The economy in these areas would take one massive nosedive. Shops that sold memorabilia would close down… no need for them. I sure people are going to pay for a cup or plate with Rishi’s face on it.

The hotels, that house tourists, the public transport that carries our tourists from one royal place to another.

You don’t realise how much wealth our Royal Family bring to the UK.

So, by getting rid of the monarchy, you are not affecting how Government runs, you are just trashing the economy.

Our Future!

So, the long and the short of it as far as I’m concerned, is:

On the death of our beloved Queen, I am sure her work and guidance will ensure that the monarchy is safe, held accountable and cherished in the hands of her son King Charles III, Grandson Prince of Wales, William and her Great-=Grandson Prince George.

Long Live the King and Our Monarchy and we the people, know it will be safe in these hands.

Cue trolls… lefties and luvvies and monarchy haters… Bring it on! I love my Pomp and Pageantry!

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