I’m a convert…

When we take down the decorations after New Year, I always do a great tidy up… you know the sort, chuck out the old, keep the new, sort those cupboards that hold the out-of-date things. You know the things, that make the great escape to the back of the tallest shelf.

And when you are only just 5ft 3in, if you stretch you have no hope in hell of reaching them.

Anyway, do you remember as a child when your mum washed your hair, usually with Vosene, and how she kept rinsing your hair till it squeaked?

Then came your later years, what with the bleaching, perming, colourings, highlighting, lowlighting and God knows what else, your hair never squeaked again like it did all those years ago.

Over the years, you’ve tried every new shampoo and conditioner going. And you find that you still have thin, fine non-squeaky- hair. You have a little more bounce maybe, but that goes after 10 minutes. You shove all the products in to get the root lift, only to find your hair feels dry and frazzled and the bounce you had disappears quicker than it took you to get it. And it doesn’t look like you’ve washed your hair, it looks more like you bloody starched it.

So, on the next visit out, you buy and try another shampoo and conditioner. Yes, it might work for a couple of washes but it’s not long before the dull dismal, no-shine resurfaces.

The next time you’re in the bathroom cabinet all you see is these half-used bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner taking up space. If you are like me, the new bottles get pushed to the front and before long you’ve run out of room.

Did, you know, shampoo has a time stamp on it? … And how long you should keep the half-used bottle. That’s a new one on me… some of the bottles I threw away must have had a good few years sitting on that shelf 😀 😀 Collecting dust!

By the way that is not my bathroom cabinet… but mine wasn’t that far off it.

I had been given some money for Christmas to treat myself. But for the life of me, I didn’t know what I wanted for the life of me. I just left it in my purse, until one evening an advert came on our TV about shampoo and conditioner bars.

Yes, you read right, bars!

And each bar lasts for upto 50 washes. Out came the old phone and I goggled for this company called KinKind.

I read through their website, found the bar that was for fine hair which would give the hair strength and bounce. It also said my hair would be soft, have shine, bounce.

No Way Jose, we’ve been down this road so many times… I don’t believe what you’re peddling but I’ll give you ago.

So, with £22 of my Christmas money, I ordered the set below.

Patiently Waiting!!!

As I was ordering over the Christmas/New Year period, I expected some delay, but alas no. It wasn’t long before I was emailed to tell me my product had been dispatch. And then I got another email telling me that KinKind had posted my product First-Class, because of the impending postal strikes and they wanted to make sure that I got me product before the strikes. What company does that nowadays?

Now that is what I call customer service. Well done, KinKind.

The very next day, the postwoman handed me my parcel.

First Wash

I just couldn’t wait, so upstairs I went and washed my hair, twice in the soap and as I was rinsing my hair, I heard that squeak. Thinking the squeak would soon disappear I put on the conditioner. WOW… my hair still was squeaking.

After a quick towel dry… I put my usual products in my hair, a hairgrowth serum, Hairfix and VO5 blow-dry spray and then started to blow-dry, my hair didn’t feel at all sticky, there was less frizz, more bounce and my scalp felt clean.

Being that sceptical person I am, immediately I thought; Fluke! This won’t happen again.

Second Wash!!!

I washed my hair late one night, just sat around and let it dry. And guess what? There was more squeak. Using the same method as my first wash; 2 washes, I condition. Toweled dry my hair and let it dry naturally with no products in.

The following morning, I awoke, and my hair was not frizzy or untamed. In fact, I added a bit of VO5 Blow Dry Spray, did a quick blow dry and my hair felt bouncy. You know what it’s like when you are trying to outgrow a pixie cut. Your hair looks messy and looks awful, but I have to say, with my old shampoo and conditioner I was close to going and getting a pixie cut again. But since using these KinKind bars I can manage to style my hair easier and better without it looking like I’m growing my pixie cut out. And I found that I was going more days, before it needed washing.

Today – The Third Wash!!!

Same method as day 1 and 2, with regards to the washing and conditioning, and today there were more squeak, in went my products, did my blow dry and my hair felt smooth, tamed and has started to get a real nice shine on it.

I really couldn’t be more impressed with KinKind products so far. And I now officially confirm I am an convert.

I’ve thrown away are all those old bottles, the only two I have left in the cupboard are the last one’s I purchased. If my hair is strengthening and shining like it is doing, it won’t be long before they go in the bin.

Benefits of KinKind!!!

You can find KinKind on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube

4 responses to “I’m a convert…”

  1. Laughing as had loads of shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom cupboard. Ended up giving it away to a friend. It is dying hair that does it for me too. That 3 minute miracle conditioner is working at the moment but watch this space cause they never last the distance.


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