Queen Mother’s Death – He can’t even get that straight.

Harry tells us, that whilst at Eton he took a call saying his Great-Grandmother has passed away. He says:

‘At Eton, while studying, I took the call. I wish I could remember whose voice was at the other end; a courtier’s I believe. I recall that it was just before Easter, the weather bright and warm, light slanting through my window, filled with vivid colours.’ 

Now the truth is this… he was on a skiing holiday with his father and brother at Klosters in Switzerland. Not that far away from Eton is it, Harry.

Harry posed alongside his brother William and father Charles in a media call on March 29, having recently shrugged off a bout of glandular fever in time to hit the slopes

Let me tell you something Harry!

I was 9 coming up for 10 when my aunt had a stroke and was rushed to hospital where she passed away. I can still vividly remember that at the time, I was being looked after by a neighbour. I remember when my mum and dad got back, mum was sobbing her heart out, and my dad said to me, ‘Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything for your aunt and she’s now with the angels.’ And I remember saying, ‘Can we go and see the angels on Saturday?’

I then ran downstairs, crying and cuddled my mum. I remember thinking I hope my mum doesn’t go to see the angels.

That was nearly 54 years ago.

I can also remember the week, when my own father laid in a hospital in a coma after suffering a stroke. I can remember each day vividly. I can remember the hospital telling us on his admittance, it doesn’t look good. I can remember the resus team working on him to keep him alive. And I can remember every trip to that hospital, who came with me and my mum and where I was, vividly. Those memories are etched in my brain.

I can remember on the Saturday prior to his death, the hospital telling us he was perking up a little and could we take in his wash gear.

Then on the following Monday night after leaving the hospital, I took my mum to see her and my dad’s friends to tell me what had happened. We were walking through the door at home, when the phone started to ring, it was the hospital. He had suffered another stroke, and this one was worse than the others. The following day at 12.13pm my father passed away.

I can remember back to early hours of the 16th of March 2018, when I got a telephone call from the care home. My mum had tried to get out of bed and fallen. She tore the skin off of the back of her hand and was unconscious. I vividly remember as I drove frantically to the hospital an ambulance with blue lights was just ahead of me… My intuition told me that was my mum’s ambulance. I got to the hospital, and it was her ambulance. My mother had a bleed on the brain, broken nose, severe hand trauma and knowing my mum had dementia, was partially sighted and couldn’t hear, they asked me to think, and would I prefer palliative care. I had to make that awful decision. I told the palliative care team to keep her comfortable and not in pain and let what will be, be!

She passed away around about 8.30 that very evening.

Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh pass away thinking their institution and family could be racist!

Don’t you have any shame, Harry? Are you on such a self-destruct mode, that you are even risking yourself being charged for drug offences in the US, and being deported and refused entry into the US ever again?

Why all the lies Harry? Your story and untruths are unfolding before your own eyes. You let your Grandparents go to their graves thinking that what was said about, someone in their family questioning the colour of your son’s skin, was being racist. Your own brother came out and said, ‘We are not a racist family.’ Your grandmother, our beloved late Queen, ordered an internal inquiry into the claims you and your wife made about the Royal Family being possibly racist.

You and your missus even accepted the Robert J Kennedy Award on these grounds:

‘When my father went to South Africa in 1966, he spoke to an all white audience…. he said that few will have the courage to confront their colleagues and their fellows and their family and their community about the structures of power that they hold.
‘That’s what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did.  
‘They went to the biggest institution, the longest standing institution in all of British history, and they said: “What we’re doing is wrong. We can’t have this structural racism within this institution.’” 
” They went to the biggest institution, the longest standing institution in all of British history, and they said: “We can’t have this structural racism”… I think they are very, very heroic to do that”
‘They knew that if they did that, the consequences would be great, that they would be ostracized, that they would lose their family, that they would lose their power structure that people would blame them. 
‘They did it anyway because they felt like they couldn’t live with themselves unless they questioned that authority.
‘I think they are very, very heroic to do that.’ 

Kerry Kennedy

You are a disgrace, my boy, and as for your missus, she’s f**ked up your mind so much with all this bloody therapy from here, there and God knows where else, that you don’t even know which bloody planet you are on. Can’t you see your wife is playing mind games and manipulating you? The traits of a true narcissist!

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