Gripes of the Day… Part 1

Rant 1 – Police ‘shy away from honour-based abuse cases


Well according to The Telegraph, our Country’s Police Forces shy away from honour-killings.

Honour-based abuse is a crime or incident committed to protect or defend the ‘honour’ of a family or community.
 If your family or community think you’ve shamed or embarrassed them by behaving in a certain way, they may punish you for breaking their ‘honour’ code.

Met Police

So, what could be the causes of honour-abuse, well according to the Met Police

While separation, divorce, talking to certain people and getting pregnant or even having a drink if you are over 18 is not illegal, and it brings shame to the family, you could be threatened, beaten or even killed.

Now being threatened, beaten or murdered is NOT legal. You ARE breaking the LAW. And breaking the law could result in a prosecution, and if found guilty, you will be sentenced on the severity of what you did to the victim.

Talk about one rule for us and one rule for them.

I am sorry, your sentence should reflect on the crime, NOT from your skin colour, race or creed or where you were born. Murder is murder, rape is rape. And the police should start policing and not appeasing. Every crime should be tackled fairly. Honour Abuse is against the law… and the Police shouldn’t be shying away from investigating. They should be actively investigating and bringing those people who commit honour abuse to justice.

And we need some real back-bone in this country from our Government. We need to say, you want to move here, then the first thing you do is arrive here via a legal route and be prepared to fit in with our society. Sharia Law is NOT law in this country. And honour-abuse or practicing Sharia LAW could risk you losing your British Citizenship and deported back to your original country.

So please leave your so-called customs at the port of Dover… and not inflict such harm on the indigenous people in this country.

When in Rome do as they Romans do!

Rant 2 – Mould

I was born in the 50’s in a two up and two down house, that were later condemned, and we had to move to another house. We had:

We lived in a house that was a prime example of a house that could get mouldy. But it didn’t because my mum did the house-work. She wiped the condensation off of the windows and sills. She opened the windows to let the moisture out. And if she found mould… out came the bleech and the scrubbing brush.

Mould and mildew cleaning sprays
Anti-mould spray is a simple and effective way to remove mould and any remaining stains from your surfaces. They work great for mould suppression, prevention, contents, rooms, and appliances.

Daily Record

If you are suffering from a damp problem… find out why! The worst thing you can do is ignore it.

If Mould is tackled immediately, with the correct method, be it bleach, mould spray, white vinegar or even Baking Soda, you lessen the risk of it spreading. Open windows, let the moisture out, and wipe up and condensation that has formed. If you own your home, find out if you have a damp problem, if so, get it fixed.

If you rent from a council, take photos, phone your council and remove the mould by cleaning etc. If your council doesn’t do anything, then report your council via the Government Website.

Complain about your council – GOV.UK (

If you are renting from a landlord.

Then if the council doesn’t help in the matter, then complain by the Government’s welfare, stating that Mould can Kill and risks your health and safety.

Mould will appear and spread rapidly if you don’t do anything about it. And the worst thing you can do.. is this.

Rant 3 – Poor Area

After last week’s MoS revealed how a refugee moved from ‘too poor’ an area to Kensington, his former landlord says thousands in housing benefit has disappeared

A former asylum seeker from Somalia who was given a £2.1million luxury townhouse at the expense of the taxpayer has been accused of leaving rent arrears of £7,000 when he and his family moved out of their previous home.

Abdi Nur, along with his wife and their seven children, moved into the three-storey property in West London last month because he didn’t like the ‘poor’ area of the city they were living in.

His case was labelled ‘an outrage’ by the Prime Minister last week after The Mail on Sunday revealed the public was footing the townhouse’s £8,000 monthly rental bill.

Daily Mail 2010

And you only thought this it was only recently we had asylum seeker problems…This was 13 years ago. And who was in Power.

Yes, the Tories/LibDems under a coalition Government which was formed in May 2010. And remember when Cameron took over from Labour, the Lab treasury are supposed to have left a note saying there was no money.

The grim message was left for his successor in the new coalition Government.
Handwritten by former Chief ­Secretary to the Treasury Liam Byrne and dated April 6, the day Gordon Brown announced the general election date, the note said: “Dear Chief Secretary, I’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards – and good luck! Liam.”


Now wonder there was no bloody money. Yet, there was enough to fund the housing benefit for this Somali family. They first lived in a 5 bed-room house in Kensal Road North London, under the Labour Government. I bet that didn’t come cheap either. How many more asylum seekers played the same card to get a better home?

The Nur family moved into the five-bedroom house in Kensal Rise in December 2008, but Mr Nur said they were unhappy because the area was ‘very poor’, there were no shops and the school was ‘four or five bus stops’ away.

Daily Mail

How many of our children have to catch a bus that is longer than a 5 bus stops away?

How many people are living in poor areas?

How many people don’t have local shops and have to use the bus or walk?

Pray do tell me.

Whilst you and I don’t have the option, due to affordability, to move to less poor area, and have to live where we live, think of those poor migrants being forced to live in 4* hotels! Migrants, you know the ones, the ones who have fled from a safe country… France. And don’t forget the court’s ruling that the money asylum-seekers were getting was not enough and ordering our Home Secretary to increase their benefits by 10.1%.

Meanwhile some people of this country:

Let’s just leave this here, shall we?

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