Moving the NHS forward.

When you are fit and healthy, the last thing you think about is the NHS. It is only when you feel unwell and admitted to hospital that you realise the true state of the Health Care System. It is not so much reduced funding as it is mismanaged funds.

The wards are now understaffed, nurses can’t cope with the pressure put on them. Nurses are tired, they feel let down by their employer.

Restructuring and Investment

Training to be a Nurse and Contracts

The best way to be a nurse is to learn first-hand. So, start an apprenticeship scheme for anybody willing to be a nurse. Maybe, the first year would be better spent at a university and then every other subsequent year should be day-release. If wards are properly staffed the introduction of apprentice nurses will help the training staff. They can do bed-washing, patient care, observations, and as their time progresses with apprenticeship, they are given more tasks.


Those wanting to go into nursing on an apprenticeship, should sign a contract and the money for this apprenticeship should be funded by the Government, with one big condition.

Trainee nursing contracts should state, by agreeing to free funding, that they are prepared to work for the NHS for 5 years after training, with flexibility measures in place for the likes of maternity. And that if they leave the NHS within their first five years after qualifying, with every year they fail to do, they’re prepared to pay 20% for every year/part year, left on their contract.

Stop this you need to have a degree… But offering free training, people will go into nursing, and many nurses will be pleased that they don’t have large debts behind them. We should be encouraging people to want to go into nursing.

All the time that the NHS is run under private enterprises, it is money they count, not patient care. We’ve all seen the headlines about CEO’s and how much these CEO’s are being paid. The doctors and nurses should tell the administration how they can help make the hospital run smoother and deliver the patient care that we the public expect when we are admitted to hospitals. Local community hubs, for Social Care should be part of the investment plan. That way hospitals won’t be blocked up with the elderly needing a home social care package.

When my mum was last admitted to hospital, our local hospital, are treating her referred her to Platter’s Farm where they cared for her needs and arranged for her to go into a home.

Yes, it’s going to cost money to restructure the entire NHS and Social Care systems. But it is going to be money worth spent in the long term.

So, to sum it up.

Well, it can’t get any worse than it is, can it!

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