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  • Leaks like a sieve.

    Leaks like a sieve.

    Remind you of anything?  Leaks, leaks, and more leaks, is enough to drown the political system in this country. And it all revolves around Matt Hanock… with Isobel Oakeshott spilling beans on the former health secretary.  With his handling of COVID and care homes, etc. The public are shouting down Oakeshott for one reason only. …

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  • Fairy tale of Barnard Castle

    Fairy tale of Barnard Castle

    Well, you heard the song, Fairy-tale of New York, well Westminster has their own version Fairy tale of Barnard Castle Around midnight on Thursday, the 26th of March, I spoke to the prime minister. He told me that he tested positive for Covid. We discussed the national emergency arrangements for No.10, given his isolation and…

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