Sue and Daniel

Sue, an aspiring PA/Assistant Advertising Manager, finds love with Daniel a vet, who she met back in the days of going to university.

First friends, now lovers…. that was until Clare turned up in their lives and rocked the boat. Now Sue has to live on and deal with the aftermath of Clare’s appearance.

  • Broken…


    Sue was an aspiring PA, in a London Advertising Agency, and would travel to the office at least twice a week. Since COVID, her firm had decided to keep the ‘work from home’ policy, and sub-let the two upper floors of their building to another company. It felt strange at first, not having you own […]

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  • You’re wearing my T-shirt…

    You’re wearing my T-shirt…

    It’s been 3 months, since Kitty came into her and Tib’s life. Three months of happiness. And it all started with Tib’s falling in love with Kitty. Kitty was now back to the weight she should be, and her and Tibs were inseparable. Yes, they had their moments, but one thing Kitty did do for […]

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  • Clare – The dreaded return

    Clare – The dreaded return

    Sue could hardly speak, she was flabbergasted that Clare had the audacity, to stand there, yet’ alone think she was going to be invited in. ‘Well, are you putting that kettle on… it’s a bit too early for wine, I suppose!’ Sue looked at her, and swiftly said, ‘Please Clare, will you leave, I’ve nothing […]

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  • The longest week…

    The longest week…

    Sue originally planned on leaving her parents’ home early Sunday morning… but the thought of walking back into apartment and spending all day without Daniel there, was something she didn’t want to do. After dinner and tea, Sue packed up her car, with Tibs and Kitty and headed home. Her mum whispered gently in her […]

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  • Recollections


    Daniel recollected how he had variable options since graduating from University as a Vet. In fact, he was offered jobs from at least three veterinaries. However, he decided to stay at the practice where he did a lot of his time working during university. Mr Clarke, the practice owner, was pleased that Daniel had accepted […]

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  • Truth be Told

    Truth be Told

    The drive back from the airport, didn’t take long and Alison was asking him all sorts of questions. How was Sue? Why didn’t Sue come with you? And a statement of, ‘I’m so glad you got involved with Sue, she is a lovely girl and we can never repay her for the efforts in trying […]

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