Unfortunately, my poor mum is unable to continue writing this blog at present. She has deteriorated fast and is struggling to communicate verbally, let alone use a phone or laptop.

She will be admitted to a hospice in the coming days and will likely be spending her remaining time there.

Thank you for the messages of support and I will attempt to keep people updated.


8 responses to “Update”

  1. Steve – I have enjoyed your mum’s company through her blog for a year or so now, so her recent dreadful news was a shock. You are having a really tough time as a family now: something I know a little about as my son-in-law had oesophageal cancer, and I understand what a toll it takes on everyone, not just the patient. There’s nothing I can say to make life easier, but know that her blogging friends will be thinking of her, and you and your dad,and sending positive thoughts. Give your mum a hug from me. Margaret


  2. Oh Steve, so sorry to hear your Mum has deteriorated so much so quickly. It is heart breaking for your whole family. Please pass on my warm thoughts to Bren. Chris xx


  3. This is sad news indeed Steve. Thank you for bring brave and posting for all of Brens loving “blog family”. We all miss her. It is going to be a difficult few weeks for you and Ash but there is a a lot of support if you need to write stuff down. Warm hugs for all from Australia.
    Brian aka bushboy 🤗🤗


  4. So sorry to hear this. I’ve enjoyed all the flower photos I’ve seen here, and Bren has been so kind to comment and visit mine too over the last little while. I wish for peace and light to surround your family at this difficult time. ❤


  5. I’m so sorry to hear this. I only picked up on Bren’s news this evening and have been working through her posts, hoping each time that the news would be better. I left some comments which seem inappropriate now, but which I can’t delete. Your mother’s photography has inspired me in recent months as I’ve been following and learning from her blog posts. I wish all three of you the strength to handle the coming weeks.


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