Cancer Fight 8 – Roll on tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow at 2.50pm or there abouts I will know my fate! I meet with the breast surgery team and find out my treatment plan hopefully. I am holding on to the fact that the appointment is with the breast surgery team, which means surgery and not just doom and gloom.

Mr A. has been so supportive and has said whatever the news is tomorrow we will all face it together as a family. I know he must be hurting like me, but he’s been so supportive, nothing I can do will ever repay him for his care, help and support over this last month.

I think the hardest part is having to wait for the biopsy results and to see the Consultant. Everything seems so out of my control. And that is something I don’t like. I’m one of these people, hit me with it now, so I can plan and sort things out. I don’t brush things under the carpet, I deal with them head-on. So, this wait, has been pure torment.

What with trips to the wound clinic, and the nurse saying yesterday I looked a lot better than I did on Thursday, has boosted my spirits considerably. I’ve gained so much inner strength from the readers of this blog with their wonderful words of encouragement. Friends have gone well beyond the realms of friendship. They’ve been there to give me encouragement, dry my tears and make me laugh. Even if it did make me cough 😀 😀 😀

Since Saturday and being able to sleep properly has gained me some strength. And listening to the nurses and why I’m struggling to walk and have no strength, makes me understand how your body really works. It doesn’t mean the cancer has got worse… it just means your body is going into survival mode.

By all accounts, in order for your body to keep you alive, it needs to keep alive your three main organs… lungs, brain and heart. So, it shuts down bits it doesn’t need to survive. For instance, your legs, your arms, strength etc. That is why you get weak, and it becomes such an effort to walk. Even an effort to talk at times. It doesn’t want to waste energy on things you don’t need to be kept alive. And that is why you feel so tired and fall asleep on a line post at times. 😀 😀 😀

Mr A. is so right… ifs and buts will drive you insane and will only bring you down… and what will be will be… we will deal with that if and when the time comes.

And we will face it together as a family… you’ll never have to fight this alone…

Mr A.

15 responses to “Cancer Fight 8 – Roll on tomorrow!!!”

  1. You’ve got this lovely. Think you lucked out when you found Mr A. You will face this together whatever it throws at you. Sending you love xx

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  2. Roll on… a great title, and attitude. That weakness part is an incredible PITA isn’t it ! Good to see you are continuing to post. Private thoughts going public is not easy. I’ll do my best to make a few irreverent jokes from over here. There may be a gap next week as they wire me back together, but who knows. I’ll have my phone and special ‘cocktails’ so an incoherent blast may show up now and then 😂😁

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    • Thank you xx. I will continue to laugh.. I’ve got to get better soon… he’s ruined my towels…instead of being soft and cosy… they are now skin graters 🤣🤣🤣

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  3. You and your family make a great team. It’s a duff hand you’ve been dealt, but you really are doing all you can to overcome it. I guess now is when you’re hearing some news, so I’m hoping at least some of it’s positive. A big hug – and one too to your husband and son, if it’s allowed! xxx

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  4. I’ve been away for a few days but seeing this has sent a bit of worry but there are too many people on your side, lifting Mr A and pushing you.
    I’ve two sister who HAD breast cancer, one still going only a couple of years older than me and the other, much older sister, passed earlier this year from affects of smoking all her life, but the big C didn’t get her twenty years after mastectomies. 🤗

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