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What can I say?… Early… near mid 60’s woman with a warped sense of humour, who loves, roses, flowers and chocolates and being treated like a lady… Not a feminist at all… And would brag all-day if I got wolf-whistled…even though him indoors says… ‘He’s probably calling his dog back.’ Read More ……

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  • Moving the NHS forward.

    Moving the NHS forward.

    When you are fit and healthy, the last thing you think about is the NHS. It is only when you feel unwell and admitted to hospital that you realise the true state of the Health Care System. It is not so much reduced funding as it is mismanaged funds. The wards are now understaffed, nurses […]

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  • #SussexRoyal – Just been Zarkled – Joke of the Day

    #SussexRoyal – Just been Zarkled – Joke of the Day

    In his book, Harry wrote about Meghan getting her father out of Mexico so he could escape from the media harassment. Well, it didn’t take long before the fact checkers and Air New Zealand themselves pointed out the inaccurate passage Harry wrote in the book.

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  • Gripes of the Day… Part 1

    Gripes of the Day… Part 1

    Rant 1 – Police ‘shy away from honour-based abuse cases WHAT!!!! Well according to The Telegraph, our Country’s Police Forces shy away from honour-killings. Honour-based abuse is a crime or incident committed to protect or defend the ‘honour’ of a family or community. If your family or community think you’ve shamed or embarrassed them by behaving in […]

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  • I’m a convert…

    I’m a convert…

    When we take down the decorations after New Year, I always do a great tidy up… you know the sort, chuck out the old, keep the new, sort those cupboards that hold the out-of-date things. You know the things, that make the great escape to the back of the tallest shelf. And when you are […]

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