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What can I say?… Early… near mid 60’s woman with a warped sense of humour, who loves, roses, flowers and chocolates and being treated like a lady… Not a feminist at all… And would brag all-day if I got wolf-whistled…even though him indoors says… ‘He’s probably calling his dog back.’ Read More ……

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  • It has to be…

    It has to be…

    What’s your all-time favorite album? Being a bit of a disco diva in the late 70’s to early 80’s, if I had been asked that question, I would have chosen a disco album… probably a various hits compilation. But as I’ve got older, I have found, I like some modern pop music, especially Clean Bandit, […]

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  • Life without music

    Life without music

    What would your life be like without music? For the life of me, I couldn’t imagine life without music! Whether you can sing or not sing, music brings joys to our hearts, and can make a bad day, better. Music is all around us… in TV commericals, to the aisles of Tesco. To imagine there […]

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  • Truth be Told

    Truth be Told

    The drive back from the airport, didn’t take long and Alison was asking him all sorts of questions. How was Sue? Why didn’t Sue come with you? And a statement of, ‘I’m so glad you got involved with Sue, she is a lovely girl and we can never repay her for the efforts in trying […]

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